Pension Comfort from Buy To Let Investment
New pension rules introduced this month (6th April) will encourage increased interest in Buy To Let properties.
A large number of the over 55-year-old are expected to become landlords for the first time. But – they are not the only age group with an eye on income during retirement.
New research from shows that for 70% of younger landlords, their buy-to-let portfolio is their only pension provision. In fact, one in five landlords invest in Buy To Let properties as part of their pension planning.
Interestingly, whilst over a third of landlords say that their mortgages will be fully paid off by when they expect to retire, only 6% plan to sell their properties.
“Letting properties offers a great way of enjoying regular income,” says Paul Vincent of lettings agency Vincent Giddings. “During 2014, landlords enjoyed an average return of 6.2%, so it’s no surprise that so many people are expanding their portfolios.”
Involving a lettings agency to manage the property ensures peace of mind too, as you don't need to worry about finding tenants or property maintenance. Over a third of landlords use a lettings agent.
If you would like to achieve regular income from property, talk to the team at Vincent Giddings. Our specialist Lettings team has expert knowledge of Lettings, Buy To Let and HMO. We’re here to help.
Its Time to Buy!
Over a third of people in the UK believe that now is the time to buy property.
Optimism has return to the housing market, fuelled by:
House prices increases. (A rise of 7.2% in the year to February 2015.)
Great mortgage deals. (Rates have dropped by an average of 30% in six months.)
Our stagnant house market is on the move. (Now is the time to get ahead of other potential buyers.) 
The biggest perceived obstacle to buying a home? Raising the deposit. 83% of first time buyers are seriously concerned about this, seeing it as a barrier to starting on the property ladder. 51% adults are worried about the buying/selling process itself.
“Most people experience property selling only two or three times in their lives,” explains Paul Vincent of sales and lettings agents Vincent Giddings. “This means that the process feels unfamiliar – even daunting. It’s the role of your estate agent to explain the steps involved and achieve progress as smoothly as possible.”
He adds: ”The most important aspect is to feel comfortable with your agent and confident in their ability to find serious, credible buyers for you.”
Peace of mind is essential. That’s why Vincent Giddings offers a unique, transparent guarantee with their sales service: transparent, competitive fees with no minimum contract period.  
Find out more – contact us for an informal discussion. Let’s act now!
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